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Who we are

Permaclub is an educative and inclusive space, situated in a hidden valley overlooking Clearwater Bay. We connect with the community to build greater harmony between human living spaces and the natural environment. Using eco design principles to improve and promote clean air, clean food and a healthy sustainable lifestyle in Hong Kong, we hope to demonste ecological, cultural and creative solutions to resolve some of the complex issues of modern day city living.

What we do

Team Building

The simple, often overlooked concept of working outdoors as a team, connecting with nature, helps participants strengthen communication and practical skills, which they can easily transfer back to the corporate world.

We create unique learning experiences, empowering teams to think ‘outside of the box’ via gardening, cooking workshops and various problem-solving activities. This creates a great team spirit both in and out of the office.

We tailor programs to be meaningful, professional and fun! With results-oriented experiential activities we promote collaboration, team bonding, productivity, creativity and motivation.

We can also arrange Mind, Body & Soul workshops for companies to treat employees outside of a regular team-building environment. Classes include yoga, meditation, music and art therapy workshops.

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We are located in a conservation area in a hidden valley in Clearwater Bay, close to the Eastern Sai Kung Peninsula. In 2012 Permaclub was lovingly and respectfully developed into a thriving ecosystem of indigenous species, carefully tended to by the team and our regular volunteers.

Our permaculture demonstration site was formerly a productive rice and vegetable producing valley. We demonstrate a sustainable, zero waste life style, where we work in direct contact with the natural, wild environment. There is a small, pretty beach fifteen minutes walk away.

38 Hang Hau Wing Lung Rd, Clearwater Bay

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